Some of my photo booth favorites!

…and trying to finally catch up on my posts!

Our Wedding Day!

I have so much updating to do! Our 1st anniversary is in only a couple weeks! I can’t believe how time has flown.
It was such an amazing day from start to finish! I couldn’t believe how calm I was. As it would turn out, Andrew was not so calm. Everything went as smoothly as it could possibly go and not even the tiniest little bump in the road was able to land on my radar. We had so much fun. So much love and laughter all around us! I want to do it again and again!!!
Check out our awesome day, September 8th 2012.

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The Rehearsal

Procrastinating is my middle name. The wedding was now a little over 4 months ago and I still owe about 5-10 thank you’s. I’m very thankful!!! I just have to finally finish sending the notes to tell people that.

In the mean time, it’s about time for some wedding photos. Our photographer made me want to pull my hair our sometimes, but damn she takes a good photo.

What an absolutely amazing day, which started with an almost as amazing day: The rehearsal!

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Mews 5K 2012!

Yesterday was the Second Annual (for my Mom and I) Mews 5K and this year Andrew (H) ran it! It was his first 5k and he killed it at around 26.5mins. My mom and I met our goal of beating our last time and we did by almost 3 minutes at 39mins (yes Andrew beat us by more than 12 mins, but our legs our half as long as his!… and we’re still waiting on the official times haha) My Mom would have run it in less time, but she was a champ and waiting for me while I suffered from the worlds worst cramp. Adam, Ashley and Auntie Chrissy ran (walked) it this year too! The Mews 5K is always a lot of fun, and we luckily got chilly but nice weather!

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Breezy Point

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It has been about 2 weeks since Hurricane Sandy literally destroyed Breezy Point, and surrounding areas in NY and NJ. Jack and Jane were evacuated and went to Chris and Becky’s apartment in Hoboken. After the hurricane hit, because there … Continue reading